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Here at The Spa at Celtic Haven we have created an exclusive Fire & Ice Experience to complement our Elemis premier Spa.

Revive your senses with this truly invigorating experience and let us transport you to a world of contrasting sensations.

The Fire & Ice Experience combines the use of The Infra-red Sauna, The Roman Aroma Steam Room and The Ice Cave.

Intense heat followed by cold immersion has huge benefits for your skin and health, including lowering blood pressure, helping with circulation and overall detoxification.


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"A lovely relaxing feel at this spa. Kellie and Hayley were particularly helpful and friendly. Treatments amazing and good value and nothing too much trouble. The fire and ice is a new addition and highly recommended. Lunch in waves lovely. Will definitely visit again"

For more information or to book your Fire & Ice Experience call the spa on 01834 871 850 or email us at - we're open 7 days a week and we'd love to welcome you!

We're here seven days a week and always happy to help!

You can even relax and unwind with a heavenly treatment in West Wales' only Elemis Premier Spa - right on your doorstep!

The Infra-Red Sauna

Using warm and soothing dry heat, this helps to stimulate circulation and boosts the immune system. It helps to lower your blood pressure and relax all body muscles, creating a stress-free feeling whilst tension flows away - it's the perfect place for peaceful relaxation and well-being!.

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The Roman Aroma Steam Room

Revitalise the mind and body with warm steam and aromatic oils in this pastel lit room. This moist heat cleanses and purifies the skin whilst helping with overall detoxification. Let the aromas of lavender, eucalyptus, rosemary and orange allow you to drift away from your daily stresses in life.

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The Ice Cave

The Celtic Haven Ice Cave has a continuous flow of crystal snow, this contrast therapy awakens your senses - simply lie back in this chilled room and let your body's temperature cool. Try rubbing ice flakes over your body to leave you feeling energized!

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